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The Anosmia Recovery Project

109 S. 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Wednesday – Saturday
10:00am – 4:00pm


The loss of scent and smell is a life-altering trauma. We are here to help.

We offer programs to help recover your sense of taste and smell. The medical term for this condition is Anosmia. Once a rare disorder, it is now a common outcome of a COVID-19 infection.

Anosmia is a life-threatening condition that can require therapeutic intervention for a full recovery. Researchers from Harvard have shown that a sensory training program like ours is an effective way to rehabilitate your sense of smell and taste.

The Anosmia Recovery Project is a wellness program that is devoted to helping sufferers regain their lives as they existed before the pandemic. Although based on the best current science available, this is not a medical program.

Anosmia and the Olfactory Gland

The Essential Guide to Scent Therapy


The first step in recovery is to determine if you are suffering from the condition. A round of non-invasive tests can determine a person’s suitability for our program.


Chronic conditions are not solved with pills or surgery. They require a holistic approach, and that includes multiple counseling sessions to keep recovery on target.

Scent Therapy

The core of our programs is our proprietary scent therapy. Built on the two decades of research, our proprietary program is tailored to each individual’s needs.

Sensory Research

The research program at the Recovery Project began in 2001. At that time, it was to develop a better way to train Sommeliers. Those programs continue to inform our treatment protocols.

Olfactory Rehabilitation

This program aims to rebuild your sense of smell (and taste) to its pre-trauma level. While many people recover in several weeks, rehabilitation may require months.

Off Site & Online

Our programs are designed to be executed remotely. We supply you with the necessary tools for sensory therapy and olfactory rehabilitation. Our diagnosis and counseling meetings are also offered remotely

Our Promise

Recovering America’s Flavor, One Person at a Time.

Anosmia is a nightmare for many Americans. The recovery from trauma and disease is hard enough. When survivors face chronic conditions like anosmia, the road to full recovery can seem overwhelming.

Often ignored by modern medicine, simple pleasures are integral to the human experience. When a person loses their sense of smell, they also lose 80% of their ability to taste. Anosmia, in effect, takes away a person’s ability to enjoy eating and drinking.

There are significant consequences of losing the ability to enjoy food. According to the National Institute of Health, the condition increases mortality rates by over 275%. We believe this to be an unheralded national health catastrophe.

Our goal is simple: to help the recovery of victims of this chronic condition.