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The world of scent therapy is the domain of artisans. For centuries, it has been for perfumers and sommeliers, not doctors. This is changing. Science has begun to take root. While reinforcing much of the ancient knowledge, the research contributes greatly. Our program merges the two approaches, creating an innovative hybrid process.

Our Process

Anosmia Diagnosis


The first step in recovery is to determine if you are suffering from this condition. A round of non-invasive tests can determine a person’s suitability for our program.

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Scent Therapy Counseling


Chronic conditions are not solved with pills or surgery. They require a holistic approach and that includes multiple counseling sessions to keep recovery on target.

Scent Therapy


The core of our programs is our proprietary scent therapy. Built on the two decades of research, our proprietary program is tailored to each individual’s needs.

Sommelier Research


The research program at the Recovery Project began in 2001. At that time, it was to develop a better way to train Sommeliers. Those programs continue to inform our treatment protocols.

scent therapy


The goal of this program is to rebuild your sense of smell (and taste) to its pre-trauma level. While many people recover in several weeks, rehabilitation may require months.

Scent Education


The Wine School of Philadelphia continues to teach sensory training programs in the facility we share. The school also runs classes and courses for the public.

A Fresh New Way to Regain Joy

If you or someone you love suffers from any one of the five symptoms listed here, they may have Anosmia. This disorder should not be ignored. Diagnosed suffers show increases in mortality, higher levels of suicidal ideation. and greater risk of depression.

Let us guide your journey toward recovery. Our process is designed by sommeliers using the world-class research of a Harvard scientist. Our ultimate goal is to reduce suffering by giving people back their good senses.

Loss of Olfaction (Smell)

Distorted Smells

Ghost Scents

Reduced Taste Capacity

Distorted/Missing Flavors

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